Additional Services

Additional Services:


In addition to diabetic evaluations, glaucoma monitoring, and cataract services, Owasso Eye Institute is also providing these services:


Routine Eye Exams
Glasses Examinations
Soft Contact Lens Examinations
Post-op LASIK Care
Retinal Examinations
Minor Ocular Trauma
Dry Eye Evaluation & Treatment
Ocular & Adnexa Infections
Ocular Pathology Examinations
Dry Macular Degeneration Monitoring
Treatment of Ocular Inflammatory Conditions (iritis/scleritis)

Owasso Eye Institute is not currently providing:


Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses
Vision therapy
Pediatric Care (under the age of 6)
On-site Refractive Surgery
On-site Oculoplastic Surgery
On-site Glaucoma Surgery or glaucoma care for severe or end stage glaucoma
On-site Retinal Care requiring surgery, injections, repair, or the skill of a retinal specialist
Major Acute Infections including intra-ocular infections, infections requiring cultures and/or hospitalization, and infections that risk corneal penetration
Cancerous Lesions or Growths that affect any part of the eye, lids, or visual system
Ocular Trauma resulting in lacerations, penetrations, or trauma in need of prompt surgical intervention


Marc Goldberg, MD, Kyle Bennett, OD and Vanessa Bennett, OD also practice at The Eye Institute on St John Tulsa campus. Marc Goldberg, MD limits his scope of practice to only cataract related services at the Owasso office. Patients in need of prompt or more serious medical eye care may want to review the provided services the Tulsa location provides prior to choosing a location for care. These physicians can be reached at their Tulsa location at 918-584-4433.


The Owasso Eye Institute is primarily staffed by our medical optometrists most of the time. In the event we feel your condition requires additional care beyond our offices capabilities, we reserve the right to refer care to our affiliated ophthalmologists in Tulsa.

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